Nike Training x Kevin Mayer

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Nike Training x Kevin Mayer

Nike created the concept of « a day in the life of » to peep into the backstage of an athlete and have a sample of what his/her daily training feels like.

Kevin Mayer is Decathlon world champion, silver medalist and world record holder. Despite all these accolades, Kevin has always remained a very humble and hardcore worker athlete.

In collaboration with AKQA Paris, we were invited to meet and follow Kevin for a whole day in his hometown Montpellier, at the CREPS sports center. We created a series of photos and 3 short films that have been broadcasted on Nike Instagram TV and Nike Training mobile app.

Kevin Mayer - Nike training layout workout
Kevin Mayer - Nike training track and field
Kevin Mayer - Nike training track and field running
Kevin Mayer - Nike training stadium
Kevin Mayer - Nike training contact sheet
Kevin Mayer - Nike training panorama

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