Azzaro Wanted

Digital Campaign Azzaro Wanted For the launch of the new edition of Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum, the brand invited Xavier Dolan, Michael Cimino, Ben Dahlhaus and Nigel Sylvester to embody their campaign “Stop Talking, Start Playing”. For this digital campaign the talents were showcased in inspiring scenarios, reflecting the boldness and elegance of the perfume through […]

Fred Joaillerie

digital campaign Fred Joaillerie #yourwayyourlove For Valentine’s day, Fred Joaillerie celebrated a tribute to the famous movie Pretty Woman by creating a collection of necklace in reference of the one worn by Julia Roberts. As the collection was named YourWayYourLove the story behind the scenes is about the visions of love told by personalities Lena […]

Comité Colbert – De surprises en surprise

digital film Comité Colbert « De surprise en surpirse » Promoting and sharing the french industry and savoir-faire to cultures abroad is the main purpose of the Comité Cobert. Paris has been and always will be the city of romanticism and love. De surprises en surprise tells the story of two lovers who spend the day in […]

Ash – Edito SS19

print editorial This is ASH Journal Atque, ut Tullius ait, ut etiam ferae fame monitae plerumque ad eum locum ubi aliquando pastae sunt revertuntur, ita homines instar turbinis degressi montibus impeditis et arduis loca petivere mari confinia, per quae viis latebrosis sese convallibusque occultantes cum appeterent noctes luna etiam tum cornuta ideoque nondum solido splendore […]