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Let’s go 7 x Virimi Vakatawa

In the dawn of the upcoming rugby-seven World Series in Paris, La Société Générale and the French Rugby Federation’s mission was to promote the event and drag attention to it. Indeed, Rugby-Seven is getting bigger worldwide. In fact it has officially replaced the Rugby-Fifteen practice during the last Olympics Games in Rio, Brazil. It is known for being way faster and more pleasant to watch.

To promote the event, Société Générale and FFR decided to dedicate a short film to one of their most spectacular and explosive rising stars of : Virimi Vakatawa.
In this film, we wanted to explore his lifestyle as Virimi has become a modern city man, as well as he is still someone who as a very focused and strict hard worker ethics on the fields.

For this project we collaborated with AKQA Paris as we took care of the script writting, production shoot and post-production.

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